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Testing Programs and Simulations

Our Shear Stud Rails come from extensive researches and testings to comply with ACI 318-14 and similar buidling specifications. Part of our previous researches and simulations are illustrated below.

Lateral Cyclic Deformation Test

In cooperation with King Mongkut University North Bangkok, we have conducted lateral cyclic deformation test with full-scale post-tensioned flat plate reinforced with shear stud rail. This experiment reveals superior ductility of slab-column joint beyond 8% drift ratio.

Finite Element Simulation of Shear Stud Rail-Concrete Interaction

As part of our research, a Finite Element Analysis model for shear stud rail and concrete slab is studied to examine the level of effective stress occurring in shear stud rail during slab punching. The analysis results give useful information to dimensioning stud head size and effect of stud spacing.

punching shear analysis model

This video shows Finite Element Analysis of a prototype concrete slab subjected to punching force. The effective stress is plotted to indicate the area where shear stress concentrates around column.

PT-PUNCH Software

PT-PUNCH is our in-house software for automated design of punching shear reinforcement. Developed in 2015 on .NET 4.0 framework, it can help our engineers to design punching shear reinforcement with time-saving and precision.

Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis

This video shows the analysis of concrete slab subjected to lateral cyclic deformation. It reveals higher level of VM stresses in shear stud rail close to column face than those at distant locations. Also we found that high stress concentration occurs at stud head as the slab has deformed. This validates the importance of shear stud head to work as anchorage.
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